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Centennial Pool Closed Until Further Notice

Due to a faulty sump pump, which resulted in water flooding the mechanical room at Centennial Pool during the annual closure in August 2018, the facility will remained closed until further notice.  

Update 4/8/2019

The diving well window repairs were not able to keep water out of the pump room.  The window will have to be removed, then filled in.  That work is scheduled to take place this week.  

The pool bonding project has been completed, and the lines filled in with concrete.  Tile work will begin this week.  

The Underwater Easter Egg Hunt previously scheduled for April 20th is cancelled.  We will be bringing our "special eggs" to the Longmont Recreation Center for use on Easter Sunday, April 21, between 12-3:30pm.  We are hoping to have Centennial Pool open by the end of the month, early May.  Thank you again, for your patience.  

Update 4/2/19

The diving well window will undergo testing this week for the second round of repairs.  If the window doesn't keep the water out of the pump room, the window will have to be removed, and filled in.

Work has begun on the pool deck to fix the pool grounding, which should be finished by next week.  

With the current unknowns, we will be cancelling the Under Water Easter Egg Hunt that was scheduled for April 20th.  We are hoping to have Centennial Pool open by the end of April, but we are unable to set a firm opening date at this time.  Thank you again for your patience. 

Update 3/19/19

Leaks are still being repaired to the pipes between the surge pit and the pump room wall.  Another leak was discovered from the diving well window into the pump room, which is presently being worked on. If the diving well window cannot be resealed, there is the potential to have to remove the window and rebuild that section of the diving well wall. 

The pool grounding system has been compromised, and unfortunately, a new grounding plan will have to be developed, then implemented.  The targeted goal of a completed grounding plan is set for the beginning of April. We are extremely saddened by the news, and this situation could cause Centennial Pool to continue to be closed for an undetermined amount of time.  As always, please keep checking back for updated information!

Update 3/8/19

According to the repair plan for the deck crack, the pool must be filled with water to equalize the pressure on the wall, before repairing.  A preliminary fill of the pool began on Thursday, March 7. This is the first time since August, the pool has had a diving well full of water!  During this fill, new leaks were found around some of the pipes between the surge pit and the pump room wall.  Repairs to these pipes are scheduled for Monday, March 11. Once this work is completed, the pool can be filled, and work can commence on the deck crack repairs.  The remainder of the pump room wall concrete repair work is to be done with water in the pool as well.  Estimated time-frame, about 2-3 weeks, barring no other unforeseen issues. 

Update 2/21/19

Concrete repairs to the diving well wall have been completed.  New developments have been discovered regarding a crack in the pool deck above the pump room.  When cleaning the pool deck, water began pouring into the pump room, from this crack.  The Engineer who performed the structural integrity report of the diving well, has been consulted.  Work to discover the scope of this situation will begin on February 22, with a repair plan to follow.  Estimated timeline for the entire project is 2-4 weeks.

Update 2/6/19

Sump pumps are working, and all mechanical and electrical work is scheduled to be completed this week! 

The final report regarding the structural integrity of the pool diving well wall was released late last week.  Concrete work to the diving well wall, will need to be completed before the pool can be filled with water.  Meetings are occurring with contractors regarding the scope of work, and creating the completion timeline.

We are still hoping for the best case scenario which has Centennial Pool opening late February or early March 2019. Once an official opening date is set, it will be posted here. 

Update 1/23/19

Work continues to progress with repairing the pump room, and two new sump pumps are on schedule to be installed by the end of this week. 

The missing piece of the puzzle, which is holding up an anticipated opening date, is the structural integrity of the pool diving well wall which is shared with the pump room.  After the flood, damage to the wall was sustained, and since that time, the wall has been undergoing tests.  The final report, which would include any potential repairs, is still pending.  Based on current information and timelines, and hoping for the best case scenario, Centennial Pool could be open late February 2019.  As always, new information will be posted here.

Update 1/04/19

Centennial Pool is has electricity!  Heating units are scheduled to be up and running by January 11, and then the building can be 'un-winterized'.  TCC is still awaiting arrival of the new sump pump, and work is progressing with repairing and replacing the damaged equipment in the pump room.   

Update 12/19/18 

Longmont Power and Communications (LPC) have finished boring new lines for the electrical and the new transformer has been installed.  The Electrical Contractor finished installing the new switch gear on the exterior of Centennial Pool, and are currently pulling new wiring from the switch gear to the new transformer and electrical room.  TCC (General Contractor) will be calling in for an inspection on Friday.   Following the inspection, LPC will perform final connections within the transformer and energize the transformer.  

This means, things are on track to have electrical and heat functioning at Centennial Pool before the New Year!  Once the electrical is running, systems within the mechanical room will be turned on and tested to verify they are properly working.  The Mechanical Contractor is currently installing sump pump brackets within the existing sump pit, in preparation of the sump pumps arriving.

Update 11/30/18

The project is progressing well.  Air Systems Engineering removed the (2) existing boilers and set (2) new boilers this week and ordered the new sump pump.  Sump pump delivery is expected in 2-4 weeks.  They will continue swapping out equipment as it is delivered. 

Broes Electric finished trenching for the new transformer and are currently installing the feeder conduit.  They will be pulling the new wire and the switch gear is expected to be delivered next week.  Barring any delays for deliveries, Broes expects to have all wiring and equipment/gear completed in 2 weeks.  They have notified Longmont Power & Communications that they will be ready for the transformer to be set next week but have not received a confirmation of a date for setting the transformer.  Once the transformer is set, Broes can get the building live and heaters working again.  Hurray! 

Update 10/31/18

The City has received an initial report from our insurance provider Chubb and their estimator Envista Forensics. The estimated cost for repairing Centennial Pool is $423,981. Chubb has issued an initial payment to the City of $325,464. This initial payment will allow us to begin the repair work.  The insurance policy has a $25,000 deductible, which will be paid out of the City’s self-insurance fund.  No other City funding will be needed for these repairs associated with the flooding. 

The City is currently working on a contract with TCC Corp for repairs. Work could begin as soon as November 5th, if the contract is complete and TCC has obtained all City permits.  It is estimated that the work will be completed by mid to late January.  

While the pool facility has been closed, the City is evaluating the general condition of the building and other facility improvements that we should consider while repairing the mechanical room. Any additional improvements we decide to make will be covered in the General Fund, not through insurance.

Please continue to check the website for updated information, and thank you for your patience during this time. 


Centennial Pool Program and Fitness Class Modifications:  

All Programs Listed will be Held at the Longmont Recreation Center, 310 Quail Rd. 

Fall Fitness Classes

  • Masters Swim 
    • Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 6am-7am & Saturday 7am-8am
    • Tuesday & Thursday, 12pm-1pm
  • Fluid Running - register with keyword fluid
    • Tuesday & Thursday, 7am-8am 
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