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Longmont Kids Only Triathlon Bike Information

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Bike Course

Bike laps

  • Bike is a 2 or 4 loop course depending on the age designated distance.
    • 6-10yrs:  3 Miles= 2 loops
    • 11-17yrs: 6 Miles= 4 loops
    • Course Map
  • Bike course is on neighboring streets with plenty of viewing and cheering sections.
  • Volunteers are located throughout the bike course to cheer and encourage the participants. 
  • The bike lane and one lane of traffic are coned off to vehicles on 9th Ave.
    • Lashley, Mountain View, and Alpine Streets will have the bike lane coned off to traffic.
    • This is NOT a closed bike course. 

Transistion Bike

Lap Counting 

  • Participants are ultimately responsible for keeping track of their laps.
  • Parents and spectators may assist with counting bike laps if assistance is needed.
  • Volunteers are NOT responsible for counting bike laps.
  • The timing company will have a check and balance system in place to assist with those who miss a lap or do an extra lap. 
  • If a participant does not complete the correct amount of laps, they are not eligible for place awards.

Transition Area

Bike- Timing pads

  • Do not ride your bike inside the transition area. 
  • All participants must have an ANSI/SNELL approved BIKE helmet strapped on their heads for the entire ride.  
  • Shoes must be on and secured before mounting on the bike.
  • Run/walk your bike across the timing pad, then mount your bike and start your ride. 
  • Be considerate of other racers' bikes when you return your bike to the transition area.  
  • Please don't throw your bike on top of someone else's bike.

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