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Metal water tap with water dripping into circleProtecting Water Quality When Reopening Businesses

When buildings are unoccupied for extended periods of time, such as during COVID-19 shutdowns, water can sit and become stagnant. Follow these guidelines on how to clear or flush water before reoccupying a building.

ToothbrushFlouride Supply Status

Check the fluoridation status of Longmont's water and learn more about the fluoride supply situation.

faucet-glassAssuring the quality of our drinking water

Our annual Water Quality Report takes an up close look from sourcing to delivery.

Resilient-SV_WEBCreating a Resilient St. Vrain

Learn about this multi-year project to protect people and property from future flooding.

pondPlanning for Water: Windy Gap Firming Project

Get updates on Longmont's involvement in this regional water supply project.

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