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Drinking Water

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Safe and Reliable

We want to assure you that Longmont’s drinking water is safe for you to use and that the water treatment and and delivery system is sound. This ensures you have a continuous and uninterrupted supply of drinking water every day.

Here are a few other things you should know:

  • We have a drinking water supply that comes from clean and natural sources in the Rockies – it’s easy to treat to create safe drinking water.
  • We are constantly treating your drinking water through advanced treatment processes and testing it to make sure it’s safe. View our most recent annual Water Quality Report below.
  • We have excellent plans and well-trained staff that make us resilient to unexpected events like floods, epic snow storms, power outages, and public health events.

We are always committed to providing safe and reliable drinking water for our community. Always.

Follow the steps our drinking water goes through on its way to you >

Still have questions or concerns? Contact Water.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

The City of Longmont annual Drinking Water Quality Report provides information about Longmont's drinking water and the results of thousands of tests performed on the water throughout the year. We hope this report answers any questions you may have about your drinking water.

Download the Water Quality Report (PDF)

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